Friday, September 19, 2008

The Blue Bird

As I peep out of that small window, I find a bird perched on the sill, chirping in its glory.
Its wings so blue and yellow, that its looks right out of a story.
I try to be as quiet as possible
In care of disturbing its glee,
For a little noise from me can make it flee.

Its oblivious to the attention
And the joy it creates in my mind
I just sit and enjoy this rhapsody
Blessed I am suddenly out of the wee.

I try not to scare its wits
As I hear the song in tit-bits,
It might just be another day
Tomorrow I might not see.

As I am caught in the rapture
A sudden thought flits my mind,
Should I try to capture
The beauty that’s so free.

Out of the blue its looks at me
And fixates its stare
With eyes so guileless
“The song is for thee”.
The frank avowal
Sweeps me in a denial,
And mocks me on my face
I could dare not reject this plea.

The time arrives for it to flee
The skies beckon deep and blue,
With a promise of a tomorrow
It leaves a gift of glee.

As I gaze towards its flight
My heart feels so light,
A blue feather is insight.
Knowing a creation of such splendor
I nurture the moments of the rendezvous,
I will just let it be!

1 comment:

Sadaf Hafeez said...

To be able to appreciate beauty without wanting to own it a heck of a quality and one worth instilling in oneself too !

Beautiful Poem!