Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Rock

As I stood by that rock, which was battered every now and then , by the violent waves of the sea. I sincerely pondered on its nature. Is that its shameless attitude which took all the thrashings in stride.Or is that he had become immune to all the lashes.

Seasons took their turns , but its still stood by the sea, hard and immovable. Taking its share of gentle and violent waves. Though he might have been chipped from few places in the process, but besides that I could see no harm superficially. In the high tide season, probably the waves tried to their best to drown it. And take him away in their current, but still it was rooted to the ground.

It has no ends and probably has been a part of earth since the creation of nature. Or maybe if I try to unearth after a lot of hard labor, I might reach to its deep roots. But yet I chose to leave it alone. For I am sure it already has enough on its plate. A prod from me will probably just add on to its throbbing. I wish it all my luck and blessings and move on, for I am sure it can do well without my inquisitive probe.