Monday, September 1, 2008


He was sitting on a bench in the corridor of the hospital with his shoulders slumped, an unkempt beard adorned his face and on a closer look the lines of strain could be seen in his eyes. A few strands of grey hair escaped unnoticed. Nobody recognized him!!! What an irony………

As if it was just yesterday no female between the age of 16-60 who could resist a sigh after seeing him. He was Diwakar Sen-the most eligible bachelor of the country. The life was perfect with big modeling assignments, a fleet of admirers ,a great house and everything which screamed of ‘SUCCESS’.

But then fate stored something else for him. He always loved to live life in fast lane. While coming down from a show his car crashed into a truck and there came crashing down all his dreams …………….
A couple of fractures ,smashed ribs and the worst being a damaged knee ball……oh everybody had that sorry expression on their face, and he could read in their eyes ‘poor guy he is history now’.

Though he was out of bed but still used crutches to walk. A regular physiotherapy session was his necessity. And that is what he waited for that day in the corridor….
He heard her coming before he saw. And for a minute held his breath.
My God does such beauty existed or was it a dream. She was dressed in a normal nurse uniform but then how can anybody look so beautiful in such a dowdy uniform. Her eyes were like two luminous pools beneath the delicately arched eyebrows ,a sharp nose ,lips as if there were delicate petals and and……suddenly she stood in front of him smiling, ohh that smile!!!!!! it was if many stars have lit the skys. And then he realized she was speaking to him, ”ohh how can they keep a guy like you waiting for you? Don’t know what’s gone wrong with this hospital” ,and before he could recover and say something she continued” You know sir I have been a great fan of yours ,never missed out on any coverage on you, and when I heard about this accident I felt as if somebody has killed me……”,he could hear a sob catch in her throat and for a second he forgot his worries and felt like telling her everything would be fine.

After that suddenly he had something to look forward to. The hospital visits were suddenly not all that boring. He even started dressing up a bit more carefully. Days passed before he saw her again, by that time he had was getting a bit disappointed ,and as soon as he saw her coming down the same corridor……”where have u been?” he gushed, then got embarrassed by his own eagerness. ”Sorry I couldn’t meet you earlier, I have to go”. ”At least tell me your name please?” he continued not willing to let her go.
“It’s Raina” she smiled and two dimples flashed .

He saw her again after few days but this time she was not in her nurse uniform but a beautiful white suit and her long black hair cascaded down her shoulders. He had always measured his happiness with his success but the joy which he felt just by her sight was not compared to anything……….They spent that day together. He told her about everything the accident, the aftermath and his lost hopes and dreams.

“Hey ,she said you can’t just lose heart like that, you are my idol and I can’t imagine you shattering like this. Think about it there must be certainly something you can do of your life”.

It took him two days to figure out what he will do. Probably he was no good as a model anymore but his fashion sense was not lost.

There was sometime before he could meet her again. Today was the opening of his fashion chain ’RAINA’. And he wanted her to be there by his side. ”Sorry ,I can’t make it”, she said, sadness lurking in her eyes.
“But you have done so much for me ,you gave me back my hope, certainly this is the least I can do for you”, he was disheartened.
“Ok , when you comeback get me some red roses ,I always dreamt of getting roses from you”, she dimpled.

It was few weeks before he could make it. But by the time he had decided that he will tell her………her life was empty without her.
He waited for her in the corridor but hours passed she did not come.
He went down to the reception ,”I am looking for Sister Raina”.

The receptionist stared her incredulously, ”Sir, I think you are mistaken there is no Sister Raina out here”.
“Ohh” ,He got irritated at her carelessness, ”Come on tell me where is she?”
The receptionist stopped a senior nurse who just passed by, ”He is looking for some Sister Raina?”
Her jaw dropped, ”But Sir Raina died 5 years back” she stifled a sob,
“But how is that possible I just met her….”,his voice trailed off,but the nurse did not pay attention to him and continued” she was a big fan of yours never missed any show…….”

But he was not listening any more he just kept walking away. Tears were flowing down his eyes unchecked, till he reached the place where they met for the first time. He kept the two dozen red roses which he held in his hand on the bench where he always sat and said
” See Raina, I brought you roses……….”

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